About us


The Foundation ie. Intercultural Experience is an organization that helps to discover a more human world full of opportunities, through the experiences of cultural exchanges.

Its mission is to administer intercultural programs leaders in the world, focused on developing new skills in people. The participants develop values, such as: respect for differences, fraternity, justice, tolerance and commitment towards humanity, through the lived experiences.

The Foundation ie. Intercultural Experience was born with the purpose of: “Raising the quality of life of Paraguayan youth, enabling educational and cultural exchange with other countries, and making known to people from these different countries of the globe, aspects of the rich Paraguayan culture “

The project initiated by ie since 2006, which today is extended with the creation of the Foundation ie. Intercultural Experience through executive decree No. 380/08, “seeks that at the end of the experience of each of the participants, whether children, young people or adults abroad, they are transmitters and carriers – in addition to knowledge acquired in educational, idiomatic, professional or labor-related matters of other added values ​​and new competences, typical of the coexistence between people of different cultures “.

The Foundation ie. Intercultural Experience developed the Intercultural Learning Center (CAI), whose main purpose is to advocate, share and expand the social capital of people, promote education, training and knowledge through such diverse programmatic contents that include -to mention some areas of intercultural development-:

Volunteer work activities

School Education

Tertiary education

Language programs

Environmental and sports

The IE Foundation seeks to enrich its participants, members and volunteers in a diverse environment, where the dynamics of people are the driving force for change, where tools that consolidate personal and group growth are developed, with an emphasis on learning, in the achievements and, at the same time, in the commitment and social responsibility that this entails, to develop with quality the life of the people through time.

In IE we do not only talk about a trip, we accompany them in an experience for life. These experiences are what lead us to delineate and expand our vision of the world and of people, to value our traditions and respect those of others and to add competences and values to our lives.

IE provides means for its members to understand that modernity and globalization are not alien to tradition, since knowing the different perspectives and ways of life in the world, one comes to value more their own traditions and finds in them their contribution as human being.

Concluding, the purpose that encouraged the creation of the Foundation IE. Intercultural Experience, was to build from Paraguay, an organization that seeks day by day to contribute to achieve a more human and full of opportunities, bringing closer to all people, intercultural programs that contribute to reduce and eliminate differences of any kind, in the world.

If you need more information about the projects developed by the Foundation ie. Intercultural Experience, write to: info@ie.org.py 

Why is it important for young people to experience this experience?

First of all by training, personal growth and the know-how acquired by living, working and studying in a foreign country, where the demands are always greater and different, and they help you and teach you to carry out activities more efficiently and effectively , while being separated from our daily cultural environment, we are required to expand our capacity for understanding, tolerance and respect for other ways of thinking and acting.

Our goal is therefore that young people return trained and bring that knowledge to Paraguay, not to mention the maturity, independence, flexibility, pro activity and mental openness with which they return after having lived, shared and learned from different environments and cultures , not just a language, but especially those competences and aspects that are only acquired living in areas of great demand.