4 months of paid work experience in the U. S. , in the period of University vacations in the area of hospitality and tourism and service companies. At the end of their experience they have 30 optional days of vacations to do domestic tourism and to know the USA.

Program for young men and women, which allows them to work and study at colleges, institutes and universities in the U. S. or Germany for which they receive an educational fund and live with a local host family for 1 year (extendable to 2) in which they have responsibility for the care of the family’s children, for which they receive weekly remuneration.

For young people from 18 to 35 years old who want to know a different and safe culture like the Canadian or Australian society, where you can study the English language and work for 6, 8 or 12 months.

Programs to study English abroad, with no age limit required, that is, they can be taken by people of all ages, as it is never too late to learn and keep growing.

Internship program in companies or internships in the professional field, gives participants the opportunity to gain a unique international practical experience, while being immersed in the working culture of Brazil. An opportunity to learn Portuguese and develop a network of professional contacts in Brazil during the period of two to four months that the position lasts in a selected Brazilian company or organization.

Canada is repeatedly ranked as one of the best countries in the world to study, work and live. Students who choose
Canada get a quality education and earn internationally recognized credentials. Colleges are technical training courses offered at public and private schools in Canada.
and private schools in Canada. The teaching is eminently practical and work-oriented.

This program includes intensive courses in Spanish as a second language.

Classes will be taught in heated spaces and prepared to provide the best and greatest comfort.

The TRAINEE and INTERNSHIP programs offer university students, recent graduates and young professionals the opportunity to undertake internships or training in a foreign company or organization.

Located in natural and metropolitan environments, our wide selection of youth camps offers a wide variety of destinations to meet all needs, the comfort of accommodation and the choice of nearby activities to ensure a harmonious combination of language learning, leisure and fun.