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Program developed and controlled by the US Department of State, offers paid temporary jobs in that country. This program is developed during the university vacation period, from December to March, it is 4 months of work and also the participants, thanks to the J1 type of Exchange Students, have a month of grace to do internal tourism and know the places most important tourist in this country.
All the jobs are developed in the category of Hospitality and Tourism and Services Companies, the participants have the option of working in Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Ski Parks, Theme Parks, Restaurants, among others, and having different options of positions in these companies such as: Receptionists, Cashiers, waiters, kitchen assistants, floor salesmen, lifeguards, ski instructors, game operators or chairlifts, among others. All the jobs, depending on the option chosen by the participant, have a weekly or biweekly remuneration of USD 7.25 to USD 15.00 per hour. The hours of work per week will depend on the position chosen by the participant and the company.


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