Program description

This internship program in the professional world gives participants the opportunity to gain a unique international practical experience, while being immersed in the Brazilian culture and work environment. The internship program is also an opportunity to learn Portuguese and develop a professional network of contacts in Brazil during the 2 to 4 months that the position lasts in a selected Brazilian company or organization. Choose the placements and organizations based on the availability and background of the grantee. It can not be guaranteed that a fellow obtains a specific position in a certain company.


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There are positions in various disciplines

Students are placed according to their academic background, personal and professional interests. The charges may or may not be paid.

¿Quién debería aplicar?

Personality: mature, responsible, flexible and adaptable students
Be enrolled in a university (bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate)
Minimum age: 18 years
Minimum duration of 8 weeks
Language skills: no prior knowledge of Portuguese is required, although a reasonable level of English and / or Spanish is necessary. Portuguese is a plus that will allow you to do more activities during your stay.

If you are no longer a student and depending on your area of ​​study, you can still have practical experience in a non-profit organization.

Factors to be taken into account

The type of business in which a fellow can participate also depends on a number of factors:

Pre-registration form

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