IE Education & Opportunities EXPO, pre ILF Workshop Latin America 2024

Asunción, Paraguay


IE Education & Opportunities EXPO Second Edition, pre ILF Workshop Latin America 2024 will take place on September 25th in Asunción, Paraguay

What is IE Education & Opportunities EXPO, pre ILF Workshop Latin America 2024 about?

It’s a B2C event, that will gather prestigious educational institutions of all levels and students that are interested in learning about and accessing International Education opportunities offered by the assisting educators.

What kind of programs does IE Education & Opportunities EXPO promote?

High schools, higher education, cultural exchanges and languages institutes to promote courses abroad.

Does the IE Education & Opportunities EXPO 2024 have a cost for partners?

No, event expenses will be covered by Intercultural Experience.

The educators will receive coffe break and a courtesy Farewell Cocktail at the end of the event.

Intercultural Experience will not be covering neither accommodation fees in Asunción, nor the transportation fees associated with getting to Paraguay.

Optional: cultural trip with additional cost.

About us

IE INTERCULTURAL EXPERIENCE is a non-profit Paraguayan organization with more than 18 years of experience with cultural exchange programs and student counseling. Our programs are directed to participants of all ages, provided a vast variety of academic opportunities and life experiences.

This year again, we invite you to participate the second edition of the IE EDUCATION & OPPORTUNITES EXPO, in Asunción, Paraguay.

The first edition, in September 2023, was attended by more than 12 international educators and supported by the Canadian Embassy.

The event, attended by more than 1,000 people was declared “EDUCATIONAL AND CULTURAL INTEREST” by Resolution No.47/23 of the Paraguayan Ministry of Education and Culture.

Are you interested in participing?

Please complete the following application form providing your contact information.

¿Any question or consultation?

Please contact with, our referent for the IE Education & Opportunities EXPO, pre ILF Workshop Latin America 2024

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